Where is my brain?

braindeadI like to think of myself as an optimistic and upbeat person but this week seems to have kicked me about a bit.  I haven’t slept as well as I might have liked, in spite of my new pillows. I seem to have been mis-reading emails and thus making really avoidable mistakes and to top it off my bosses laptop and phones deleted his whole agenda which meant that he missed a HUGE meeting because he didn’t know about it and I didn’t remind him because I never usually have to and hadn’t realised technology had turned against us.

Luckily my boss may be a saint and said that these things happen and even submitted his own apology for missing the meeting without my having to. A new laptop and phones have been delivered and hopefully these things won’t happen again…it’s just all left me feeling a bit stupid and has deflated me a bit.

It felt like I just wasn’t capable of simple tasks and as someone who likes to feel in control and organised it has not been easy for me not to beat myself up about it all.

Fortunately it is nearly the weekend (we work Sunday to Thursday) so I am hoping that the next two days go smoothly and that I can smash it out of the park next week and get back on top.

Now in order to cheer myself up I am going to write a couple of over due happier reviews!

Do any of you ever have those weeks where you feel like your body got up and out of bed but your brain didn’t?!


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