Chauffeur Service

Chanel obviously understand the needs of the glamorous chauffeur…

On Friday I drove to collect Bond from the airport after his business trip.  This was my first journey to the aiport and so of course I got lost and even though I left plenty of time my misstep meant I got there late.  Anyway Bond was a good sport about it and his mother said I must be the most glamorous chauffeur in Dubai which was rather nice of her!

It is lovely having Bond back in the U.A.E and we even managed a beach trip together in spite of the mad temperatures!  It was fun until the walk back where I got a bit too hot and bothered and nearly had a strop…naturally this was a charming sort of strop because I am ALWAYS a delight (Bond is clearly laughing as he reads this!)  We stopped off at Leopold’s for a bite to eat.  I am so keen on their quinoa salad with beetroot and feta cheese, it’s to die for.  They also do killer quiche which we both enjoy!  I recently discovered their mini flourless chocolate cakes which are delicious and presumably guilt free as they have no flour…right?

The rest of the weekend Bond came to mine and I got him addicted to Castle which is brilliant!  If you haven’t seen this show you are missing out.  Richard Castle is a murder mystery writer who is shadowing Kate Beckett a NYPD detective.  Along with Esposito and Ryan the two junior detectives and Laney the M.E they solve the most amazing and bizarre crimes.  I defy you not to want to be Kate (who is so gorgeous my friend and I both attempt to copy her make up to look like her) and if you don’t fall a bit in love with Castle then I will be most surprised.  Honestly Castle is a legend, witty, charming, talented and successful. He lives with his mother who is wonderfully eccentric and his daughter Alexus who is bright and diligent – she’s sort of the well behaved version of Castle who is a lovable rogue.

Now back to work, hopefully for a quiet week!

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