Fab Fivesome at Frankie’s

tiramisuOn Friday night I organised a dinner, the main purpose was to cheer up our Canadian pal who has had a run of bad luck.  Bond was going to do lad chat with him so I invited two girlfriends to join us.  They are both colleagues of mine and relatively new friends. N has been here for only three months and S is more established with two years under her belt!

Frankie’s is one of my fave places, they do a happy hour so dinner and drinks works out to be really reasonable.  There is fantastic live music and the food is to die for.  I have enjoyed everything I have ever had there!

This time I had the steak tartare which is one of my absolute fave things and I haven’t had it for ages.  I am a big carnivore much to Bond’s disgust!  In a twist they served it with slithers of Burrata cheese and sun dried tomatoes.  It was a great combo that worked well.  Then for dessert I had the usual parfait which I adore and Bond and the others all went for the Tiramisu which is served in a tower.  It looked fab and I can only assume it tasted as good as it looked because no one seemed overly keen to share…

It was so fun to go out with two new girlfriends who I really like and who hit it off with each other too.  We were laughing up a storm and have planned to head to a Ladies night together this week to have yet more fun!  What was really gratifying was that S was so delighted to be included.  She said that when people hear she’s been ages they tend not to invite her as they assume she has plans which is not always the case.  My view is I will invite the people I like and hope they can come!  As a new comer I am still trying to find my niche with friends and I can’t afford to take the view that people won’t want to come.  We were thrilled she could come and she proved to be even more fun than I had anticipated.

We all agreed to do more of these in future!


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